Map showing pins from cities where issues have been reported to Community Healthbook

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Erin Brockovich’s Community Healthbook enables you and your community to post and share information about water, land, and air  issues in your own backyard.

On behalf of Erin, welcome aboard, and let’s start righting wrong!

Map showing pins from cities where issues have been reported to Community Healthbook

Recent Submissions

Rust brown water filling a tub in Bridge City, CA
sink filling with rust brown contaminated water in Martin County, KY
brown water - stock photo, glass being filled at tap
Images submitted by users showing contaminated water
woman holding plastic bottle filled with contaminated water


Community Healthbook lets individuals and community groups report and review health related concerns and community environmental issues by geographic area and health related topic.

Ten years ago, Erin began mapping issues reported to her by You, The People. Over that period, thousands of you have shared your local concerns for family, neighbors, and coworkers. Most reported issues concern the abuse of our environment, suspected contamination of water systems, medical device failures, and drugs gone bad.

Erin’s vision for Community Healthbook is to provide a platform that highlights missing data points coming from the people that local, state and federal agencies cannot or will not hear or recognize.

Report An Issue

Report an issue to Erin by completing the adjacent form. Select the “Concern” that best describes the issues you are facing, then provide a brief description.

Erin and her team will review your submission and learn more about your circumstances. Erin may correspond with you to request more information.

Visit Community Healthbook as frequently as needed to report a new issue or to see if others in your community have reported similar concerns.

Feedback From You, The People

I’ve done some research on the Breckenridge, CO water supply. It seems to be passable, which is comforting, but if anyone has further information I’d be happy to get the links! The biggest concern up here, of course, is having water at all! Anthropogenic global warming is wreaking havoc on the fresh water supply which is, of course, inextricably linked to water quality.

Breckenridge, CO

First priority is to have your water tested by your own choice of lab and pay for it yourself. Water is too essential to mess around with regarding contamination….  Assume responsibility for your own health… Read Erin’s book, think about … your own situation as well as your neighborhood and community. If you can afford an iphone and fancy tennis shoes you can get your water tested.

Same thing with lead happened in my small town as Flint [Michigan]. We made the national news and the elected cheerleaders all showed up to voice their concern and outrage…. when the cameras left so did the help…  my advice would be to make sure your community does everything possible to stay compliant or it will wreck your town. ….and no one is coming to help you.


I actually studied sewage treatment facilities at University. Even went to three stage system in San Jose. No excuse for not treating sewage. Barcelona has sewage in water off fabulous beaches. Also Brazil. And too many others to count. Just where to spend money? Mars? More war planes?

San Jose, CA

About Erin

Change, no matter what it is, starts with you, but sometimes finding the resources for you to enable change can be difficult. And that is why I created this platform. It’s about creating awareness of the issues that we all should be concerned about, and connecting us together so we can collectively right wrong. Make a start now!

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