About Community Healthbook

Map showing pins from cities where issues have been reported to Community Healthbook

For years, I’ve wondered why there is no agency on the ground going door-to-door talking to and identifying residents who may be affected by contamination in their area. As a result, many people have lost faith in the federal government to investigate what’s making people sick in their communities, and that’s why they turn to me.

Thousands of you contact me every month asking for help and telling me about unexplained diseases in your neighborhood. I’m just one person, but I know we need to do a better job of listening and responding to communities, including the ones I haven’t heard from.

Along with stories, people send me pictures of their drinking water. The colors coming out of their faucets range from yellow to green to black. It’s scary. I realized I needed to make this information accessible to more people, because 99 percent of Americans have no idea what’s really happening, including our elected officials.

It’s a huge obligation to have so many people writing to me. I originally started plotting all the information that comes to me on a map with the hope that as more people reported their stories, I could help shed light on these issues. We now have the technology to report these issues online and show what’s happening in real time with self-reported data in a safe and secure manner.

Please join me and report what’s happening in your community today.

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